VCSELs integrate micro lens array for 3D sensing

VCSELs integrate micro lens array for 3D sensing

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Unlike laser diodes, VCSELs and are much less sensitive to temperature fluctuations. One of the most familiar applications for the technology is facial recognition for mobile devices. VCSELs illuminate the face with infrared light for cameras. The image captured by the camera is then compared to the image stored on the device. If they match, the device is unlocked. These 3D sensing applications now possible use PLPVCQ 850 and PLPVCQ 940 for Time of Flight (ToF) measurements.

The 2W VCSELs come in a 2.40×3.30×1.20mm black package, emitting either at 850nm (PLPVCQ 850) or at 940nm (PLPVCQ 940). The infrared beam is formed with the aid of a special micro lens array to achieve exceptionally homogeneous illumination of the field of view (FOV).

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