Vector signal analysis software extends oscilloscope performance flexibility

Vector signal analysis software extends oscilloscope performance flexibility

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VectorLinQ enables sophisticated visualization and analysis of standard modulation schemes including n-PSK, n-QAM, circular QAM, ASK, and FSK, as well as custom signal types and symbol positions. The VectorLinQ software includes functionality to either demodulate RF signals for analysis, or directly acquire and analyze baseband I and Q signals.

VectorLinQ operates through a unique, intuitive model, passing the signal through a chain of user-defined processing blocks to simplify the most sophisticated analysis. Standard processing blocks include mixers, filters, phase estimators, and equalizers. Users may also insert custom MATLAB processing blocks at any point in the processing chain.

VectorLinQ VSA offers various ways to analyze and view demodulated waveforms. The I-Q constellation diagram helps identify signal quality issues such as amplitude imbalances, quadrature error, and phase noise. Users may view I and Q components, Amplitude, Power, Phase, and EVM as ‘traces’ in the time domain, time-correlated with other waveforms in the oscilloscope. Eye-diagram views of any trace provide deeper insight into the signal quality of demodulated waveforms. Spectral views of the total signal, as well as of the individual I and Q components, are also available as standard.

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