Versatile DC-DC power IC only draws 0.5mW in standby

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By eeNews Europe

The new IC offers greater than 97 percent efficiency at 2.6W and greater than 90 percent efficiency at 15W, which the company claims makes it the most energy-efficient-per-density solution available.

The no load power of the HS200 consumes only 0.5mW, which largely exceeds the Zero Power target of 5mW in standby mode. Based on Helix Semiconductors’ patented MuxCapacitor voltage reduction technology, the HS200 features a unique three-stage process, each of which divides its input in half. Power can be pulled from any of its three outputs simultaneously up to 15W. MuxCapacitor enables the HS200 to achieve unprecedented high efficiency and to stay nearly flat from full load down to a 5 percent load.

Target applications for the HS200 include Power over Ethernet products as well as 48V input telecom and data center blades and electric and hybrid vehicles. The HS200 also targets products with 24V inputs, such as HVAC systems and industrial controllers. In fact, the device is very flexible and can perform voltage conversions on input voltage ranging from 12V to 48V with output voltage as low as 1.5V.

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