Video: Sensors, liquid crystals make “omnifocal” glasses

Video: Sensors, liquid crystals make “omnifocal” glasses

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By Peter Clarke

Perfect vision – all the time – is the claim from startup Deep Optics Ltd. (Petah Tiqva) for its eyeglasses that include sensors and liquid crystal materials to adjust to the wearer’s near- and long-distance viewing.

Two optical sensors in the frames continually analyze the eyes’ pupilliary distance, which changes when the wearer is focusing on objects at different distances.

Pupillary distance measured by sensor is a means of determining where a person is focusing. Source: Deep Optics Ltd.

This information is then sent to an on-board processor that calculates the distance the wearer is trying to focus on and determines the optical compensation needed to produce sharp vision at that distance.

The processor than instructs the lenses, which are a sandwich construction including liquid crystal material in the middle layer, to produce the appropriate degree of refraction. This is done by altering the voltage applied across the liquid crystal and thereby changing its refractive index.

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The result, claims Deep Optics in their Youtube video, is perfect eyesight. The video is a cartoon only suggesting that the real-world mock up may not be quite there yet.

Deep Optics Ltd. was founded in 2011 by Yoav Yadin who serves the company as CTO, and Yariv Haddad, who serves as CEO. The company’s website was down when this article was prepared.

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