Video: Smart bullet carries two sensors

Video: Smart bullet carries two sensors

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SmartRounds Technology LLC (Brighton, Colorado) has developed what it describes as the as world’s first smart, less-than-lethal bullet. It includes both a MEMS accelerometer and a CMOS image sensor that operates as it nears the target.

The accelerometer in the round is used to turn the bullet on and the image sensor is used to detect distance to the target and set off the payload milliseconds before it would otherwise impact the target.

These18mm non-impact rounds will initially be made available in two forms, a "flash-bang" and nitrogen gas shock round and a pepper-spray round.

These projectiles are designed to be fired from a standard 12 gauge shotgun at 450 feet per second and have a range of 100 yards. The ShockRound produces a flash-bang and nitrogen gas shock wave that disables the assailant. The PepperRound produces a flash-bang and a capsaicin cloud that causes a burning sensation to the eyes and throat rendering the target unable to continue.

"Our smart bullets will forever change the landscape for the use of non-lethal weapons by military forces, law enforcement and others worldwide," said Nick Verini, CEO of SmartRounds Technology, in a YouTube video

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