VideoFlow DVP enables Italian broadcaster to cut satellite backup

VideoFlow DVP enables Italian broadcaster to cut satellite backup

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DVP enabled the transport of high quality, live content over the Internet so that annual connection costs are around a tenth of using a satellite connection. The one-off capital costs are low providing an ROI of only a few months.

Live video broadcast are sent as a continuous bit stream, which the Internet was never designed to handle, resulting in artefacts caused by jitter, and packet loss. More than a couple of seconds of latency is unacceptable by customers expecting to enjoy the excitement of live events like sport as they happen. VideoFlow’s patent pending technology opens the Internet for delivering content by ensuring that no packet is lost and nullifying the jitter caused by transiting the Internet.

The DVP comes as a "Plug and Play" pair – a Protector, which stores the packets until it is certain that they have been correctly received, and a Sentinel which monitors the health of the video stream by watching for packet loss and requests packets to be resent from the Protector’s cache only if required. This is ensured by the company’s patents, which cover techniques to minimize the number of packets that have to be resent.

The system is highly flexible working with internet connections as slow as 200 Kb/s or as fast as 800 Mbps yet delivering the desired high quality. The company’s patents also cover techniques to reduce bandwidth overhead to the minimum possible and to keep any delays at less than the two seconds, which is the maximum tolerated for true live broadcasts. The DVP family of products enables the reduction of bandwidth requirements cutting operational costs compared to the current implementations.

Nicola Palazzo, Managing Director at PSE, an Italian system integrator, explained; "We maintain and service the uplink and distribution system for Teleradio Padre Pio and, as part of that contract, we are always looking for ways to improve and reduce costs. Over the past year, we have been working closely with VideoFlow’s Italian distributor, Diem Technologies, to test and evaluation how effective and robust VideoFlow’s technology is in a variety of real world conditions where the quality of the network connection can vary. It passed every test we put the VideoFlow solution through delivering robust, stable high quality video by accurately correcting for packet losses and eliminating packet jitter during transit over the Internet. This gave us the confidence to recommend replacing the satellite-based backup with the VideoFlow over Internet solution. A 24×7 service demands reliable backup hence you have to know that the backup will work every time!"

Teleradio Padre Pio broadcasts to over two million followers in the EU. Content is generated in the company’s studios in San Giovanni Rotondo in Southern Italy and then sent to Telespazio dish farm in Avezzano some 500 km to the West where it is sent onto a satellite for distribution across Europe. The connection between San Giovanni Rotondo and Avezzano uses a dedicated fibre connection that is now backed up by VideoFlow’s DVP. This uses a pair of DVP10s linked by a 2MB/s Internet connection.

Eran Shalev, VideoFlow’s VP of Marketing, explained, "The real proof came when the main fibre connection went down a couple of times for several hours and the VideoFlow connection took over without any break in transmission or change of quality. The high confidence in the VideoFlow technology means that Teleradio Padre Pio is now considering replacing the main connection with a VideoFlow solution for even more savings as well as using VideoFlow technology to protect the quality of an Internet connection between San Giovanni Rotondo and EWTN, a global catholic network, in Irondale, Alabama, USA."

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