Violet LEDs power Japan’s first full-color facade lighting system

Violet LEDs power Japan’s first full-color facade lighting system

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By Rich Pell

While the facade lighting’s normal mode is a soft white, a recurring illumination scheme with changing colors (about 5 minutes at 30 minute intervals) runs throughout the night. A first in Japan, this facade lighting system operates by modulating red, blue, green, and white light generated from violet LEDs.

CIE Chromaticity Diagram

While conventional LED lighting technology (based on blue LEDs that use yellow phosphors) produces colors only within the straight line between B and Y in the CIE Chromaticity Diagram, Kyocera’s violet LEDs with RGB phosphors can produce any color within the R-G-B triangle.

Kyocera’s LED light fittings are installed on 72 windows from the second to seventh (top) floor on the building’s two sides facing the nearby thoroughfare. These 432 light fittings in total connect to a main controller to produce dynamic facade lighting with soft colors that blend with the Kyoto cityscape. The illumination changes to hues evoking the 24 solar terms of the traditional East Asian lunisolar calendar.

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