Vitesco buys future security with massive job cuts

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The Supervisory Board of automobile supplier and powertrain expert Vitesco Technologies has adopted a future concept for its Nuremberg plant. The company plans to make the site internationally competitive as a center of excellence for electromobility. The concept focuses on automation and operational efficiency. To this end, the company plans to cut up to 810 of the current 1160 jobs at the site, according to media reports.

The concept envisages safeguarding the Nuremberg plant with investments and positioning it competitively in the long term. Production will thus remain in Germany. The number of employees will be kept at a minimum level of 350 or more by attracting future technologies such as silicon carbide-based (SiC) products to the plant. The job cuts are to be implemented in as socially responsible a manner as possible by 2026, it is said. Details are to be discussed thoroughly in an intensive and fair exchange, the company stressed in a press release.

The decision was preceded by intensive and constructive talks, Vitesco stressed. “We have further expanded and concretized the future concept with a view to perspectives for Germany as a production location. Despite all efforts, very painful cuts can unfortunately not be avoided. Without the concept now approved, however, the consequences would have been much more drastic in the medium and long term. Everyone involved must be aware of this,” explained Supervisory Board Chairman Prof. Siegfried Wolf and his deputy Ralf Schamel from the IG Metall industrial union after the meeting.

The Continental spin-off, which focuses on drive technology, will also link its development activities at the Nuremberg site more closely in the future with the industrialization of technologies, prototyping and large-scale production. Complementary topics in the future concept include the possibility of contract manufacturing at the site and the construction of a fully automated warehouse as part of future investments. A total of more than €10 million has been earmarked for this.


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