VNA software runs on Raspberry Pi

VNA software runs on Raspberry Pi

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By Nick Flaherty

Pico Technology has re-written the software for its USB-connected vector network analysis (VNA) tester to run on a wider range of new technologies including the Raspberry Pi single board computer.

The PicoVNA 5 software is designed for modern hardware including Linux on a PC, Mac, AArch64 and the Raspberry Pi 3 and up to unlock new processing and feature possibilities as well as maintaining compatibility with older computer hardware, while making efficient use of

PicoVNA 5 allows developers to customise an unlimited array of frequency domain and time domain viewports display channels for the PicoVNA 106 or 108, as well as add and group limitless markers with comprehensive user configurable readouts. It also allows limitless cross references of memory traces with a modern, multi-port User Interface.

The PicoVNA 5 can be used with the SCPI remote-command interface, or the separate high-performance API; Lab View, MATLab, and Python users, for example, would all be able to chose either.Both the software and the API are designed to be capable of rapid expansion to meet user requirements.

On-plot parameter controls give direct intuitive access to sensitivities, offsets, reference positions, and sweep or time domain parameters. Even the plot type (Log, lin, Smith, polar, phase, etc.) can be changed to focus on a particular view. On-trace cursor readouts present under mouse or touch hover, allowing precise trace marker drop with a single click for a more permanent readout.

Within each plot, the user can add a second axis, maximize the plot, add a zoom of frequency or time span, or a live spy-glass magnified view. Displayed traces and marker readouts are vector or linear interpolated when not snapped to a measure point and the user has access to several interpolation alternatives to optimize between point plot and measurement integrity, against a particular application.

PicoVNA 5 supports all existing 8 and 12-term calibration methods; SOLT, Automated E-Cal, and TRL/TRM, and unknown Thru with ultra-clear graphical calibration wizards, all with step-by-step connection diagrams. For the manual calibration standards, live calibration measurement plots are displayed to help the pick-up of unexpected connection or damage-related problems during the process.

PicoVNA instrument prices are:

PicoVNA 106   $ 7,365               € 6,245               £ 5,165

PicoVNA 108   $ 9,835               € 8,355               £ 6,905

For existing PicoVNA owner/users, the PicoVNA 5 application will unlock new hardware functionality via a boot-load embedded software update. A nominal charge is made in local currency for this update via an in-application internet purchase.

Existing PicoVNA in-application upgrade         $ 359                   € 329                   £ 279


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