Voltage tracker with 250mA output and anomaly notification

Voltage tracker with 250mA output and anomaly notification

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By Nick Flaherty

Ablic has launched an automotive voltage tracker with anomaly detection for driverless cars and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) systems.

The S-19721 Series of voltage trackers is a high-withstand voltage product with an input voltage of 36V and a rating of 45V that can be directly connected to a 12V lead-acid battery.
It has a low offset voltage of ±4.5mv, and provide anomaly notification function that detects an anomaly and makes it known via the INT pin and other protective circuits protect ECUs even in the event of a wire harness failure to further improve safety.

This function copes with the three issues of output pin overvoltage and overcurrent, as well as IC thermal shutdown. It allows the user to select the combination of outputs through the INT pin that suit operating conditions and the application. By limiting reverse current from the VOUT pin to the VIN pin to -5μA min., it protects devices from damage from short to supply and short to ground faults.

Many sensors provide an output that is proportional to the power supply voltage (ratiometric output). However, an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), the measurement unit, in an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) requires that the power supply voltage of the sensor and the ADC have the same voltage to read values correctly.

Due to space constraints, the ECU is often located away from the sensor and is connected to it by means of a wire harness. Also, the sensor power supply IC is located away from the MCU power supply IC to prevent damage to ECU internal components, such as ADC and MCU in the unlikely event of a wire harness failure.

As the sensor and MCU in the ADC use separate power supply ICs, their output voltages may become different (offset) and as such offset may lower reading accuracy, there is a risk that this may compromise vehicle safety, environmental performance and ride quality.

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