Volvo, Siemens launch e-car partnership

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The first electric cars of this model fitted with Siemens electric motors will be on the test tracks as early as the end of this year. Beginning in late 2012, the Swedish carmaker will deliver a test series of up to 200 vehicles to Siemens, which will then be tested and validated under real-life conditions as part of a Siemens internal test fleet.

The partnership gives Siemens the chance to leverage strengthen its standing in electric drive technology into automotive markets and benefit from Volvo’s position as a renowned vehicle manufacturer. Volvo can rely on proven and efficient Siemens technology for the electrification of its future vehicles.

Stefan Jacoby, President and CEO of Volvo Car Corporation, said that the company is pushing electric traction. "Our aim is to be first with the latest technology within electrification. The partnership reinforces our aim to pursue the fast-growing market for electric cars."

Electric powertrain, battery management and charging technology are regarded as key technologies in the development and production of electric cars.

For Siemens, the cooperation with Volvo is an important first success in the emerging European market for electric mobility technology. In the past, Siemens repeatedly aired its intention to establish itself as a system provider for traction, energy conversion and power electronics technology around electric vehicles.

Siemens electric motors developed for Volvo will have a peak power output of 108 kilowatts with a maximum torque of 220 Newton meters. The inverter design will be jointly optimized to meet all safety requirements in an automotive application. In addition, Siemens will provide fast on-board and off-board charging systems.

Volvo plans to start small-scale production of the Volvo C30 Electric this year, and next year the company will start selling the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid.



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