VoxelSensors raises seed funding for XR push

VoxelSensors raises seed funding for XR push

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By Peter Clarke

VoxelSensors (Brussels, Belgium), a startup founded in March 2020, has raised €5 million in seed funding to develop its 3D sensor.

The money is being provided by Belgian venture capital firms Capricorn Partners and Qbic, with participation from the investment firm finance&, existing investors and the team.

VoxelSensors has developed an active event sensor based on a CMOS image sensor used with a laser scanner. This is called the Switching Pixels Active Event Sensor (SPAES) and is 3D perception sensor applicable to extended reality (XR).

The SPAES provides an asynchronous and event-driven means of tracking an active light source or pattern. Instead of acquiring frames, each pixel within the sensor array only generates an event upon detecting active light signals. This keeps power consumption down to about 10mW and latency below 5ms.

VoxelSensors has previously announced a strategic partnership with OQmented GmbH (Itzehoe, Germany) to provide the laser scanning to complement the SPAES (see Startups VoxelSensors, OQmented team up for AR/VR/MR/XR).

In contrast to raster scanning – which works line by line to complete a frame – Lissajous trajectories that can be provided by OQmented’s bubble MEMS scan faster and are created more power efficiently. They can capture complete scenes and fast movements in much less time and require less data processing.

The company reckons the technology is well suited to glasses that require low-
power, low-latency perception systems for tasks such as SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), anchoring and interaction using gestures or controllers.

Committed to getting money

VoxelSensors said the money raised will be used to further develop VoxelSensors’ roadmap, hire key employees, and strengthen business engagements with customers in the US and Asia. The company said it remains committed to raising more funds to back its growth plans.

Marc Lambrechts from Capricorn Partners and Steven Leuridan from Qbic have been appointed to VoxelSensors’ Board of Directors.

“Our goal at VoxelSensors is to seamlessly integrate the physical and digital worlds to a point where they become indistinguishable,” said Johannes Peeters, co-founder and CEO of VoxelSensors, in a statement.

Ward van der Tempel, co-founder and CTO of VoxelSensors, said the technology has potential in various industries beyond XR, including robotics, automotive, drones, and medical applications.

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