VTT spins out silicon quantum processor business SemiQon

VTT spins out silicon quantum processor business SemiQon

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By Nick Flaherty

The VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland has spun out its silicon quantum processor technology into a startup called SemiQon.

The venture is backed by local fund Vioma Ventures which has also backed display pioneer Dispelix, Kuva Space and ultra-low power processor startup Minima Processors as well as quantum software startup QuantrolOx and a range of health and food technology startups. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The silicon quantum processors developed by VTT are scalable and easier to manufacture that other technologies. This will help make quantum computers more scalable and cheaper. VTT built Finland’s first quantum computer systems and currently operates a €10m fund to back new ventures.

SemiQon took over a pilot manufacturing facility in Finland in February. This was set up as part of the €19m Qu-Pilot EU project with 24 organizations from nine European countries.

“Our solution responds to three major challenges currently slowing down the development of quantum computers globally – their scalability, price, and sustainability. Our technology allows us to fabricate quantum processors in a way that supports scaling up manufacturing efficiently while also lowering costs. The chips we manufacture also enable the quantum computer to operate at warmer temperatures – thus requiring only a fraction of the energy needed for alternative solutions,” says Himadri Majumdar, CEO of SemiQon and formerly the quantum programme manager at VTT.

“We need to solve the scaling problem to bring exponentially more processing power to quantum computers before we can start tackling some of the world’s great challenges. SemiQon’s silicon semiconductor qubit technology is an elegant solution for this,” said Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä, Vice President, Microelectronics and Quantum Technology at VTT.

“Globally, the vast majority of quantum investments have addressed superconducting and other qubit technologies. However, silicon semiconductor qubit technology is still underfunded – despite not being burdened with the scalability challenges that many other technologies face. SemiQon has the perfect team to harness the opportunities in the field of quantum computing,” says Jussi Sainiemi, Partner at Voima Ventures.

However IQM in Finland also has a quantum processor manufacturing plant and has raised over €128m for the technology.

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