VW backs US nano material battery startup

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By Nick Flaherty

Volkswagen has been working with Forge Nano on advanced battery material research since 2014. Based in Louisville, Colorado, the startup is using atomic layer deposition (ALD) to create new core-shell materials, especially for battery applications. ALD is a chemical process for applying atomic scale coatings one atom at a time and can boost the energy density of vehicle battery cells. For example, a higher energy density would have positive effects on the range of electric vehicles. Volkswagen has been lending their automotive and battery expertise towards Forge Nano’s applied research efforts.

The Volkswagen Group is consistently forging ahead with its electric offensive and intends . To safeguard this approach, Volkswagen is cooperating with This also includes targeted venture investments.

The car maker is increasingly investing in international start-ups to bring technologies to production earlier, as it plans to offer more than 50 battery-electric models by 2025, accounting for about a fifth of its entire model portfolio. This means working with strategic battery cell and technology suppliers and developing its own specialist know-how in battery research.

“We are continually expanding the battery technology know-how required for this purpose. We need to safeguard our technological competence for the future. Cooperation with start-ups is a key element in these efforts. We are acting as a partner to Forge Nano and intend to provide the team with opportunities to carry out industrial trials with its innovative technology,” said Dr Axel Heinrich, Head of Volkswagen Group Research (above).

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