VxWorks gains capability to perform “IoT Analytics at the Edge”

VxWorks gains capability to perform “IoT Analytics at the Edge”

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Wind River’s data sheet pdf (see link below) expands the explanation;


“AXON Predict Analytics operates by reading data streams and then analyzing the data for specific, predefined conditions and performing any operations that may be defined. You can use AXON Predict Analytics to detect device problems before they arise and perform predictive maintenance on devices. If you have new devices, you can use AXON Predict Analytics first to determine the normal operating mode and later to detect anomalies as they occur.


“Features include;

– Predictive analytics: Through the use of pre-built of patterns and questions, and by interfacing with the AXON Predict Analytics engine via the software development kit (SDK), you can build and deploy solutions that predict future behaviour based on observed patterns of past behavior.

– Machine learning: Machine learning is enabled through a variety of patterns adapting their parameters based on prior observations of inputs, failures, anomalies, and so on. These complex patterns can be further aggregated and augmented with external libraries on the edge to learn, adapt, and better solve the specific problem at hand.

– Artificial intelligence: By assembling the real-time AXON Predict Analytics engine, in-cloud aggregations, external machine learning tools, and other technologies into complex systems that continually monitor data, predict the future values of input, collect statistics, note anomalies, and take corrective or preventive action, artificial intelligence is enabled to bridge the gap between developing and deploying solutions. Incorporating the actions taken as input, an artificially intelligent system then studies the data, makes a decision, takes action, and learns from the results of that decision to better execute in the future.”


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