The EN7410M wireless charging transmit module is designed to reduce the footprint of the company’s WattUp RF-based wireless charging technology within a wide array of devices, including consumer, industrial, medical, and military applications.

The module, says the company, is suited for incorporation into devices such as smart speakers, medical devices, laptops and tablets, and other devices, enabling them to send power to charge a variety of potential WattUp-enabled receiver devices such as fitness bands, smart watches, game controllers, hearing aids. and more.

“Our goal with this new, highly integrated module is to better support the long and increasing list of prospective customers who have specific product applications,” says Stephen Rizzone, president and CEO of Energous. “By making it easier to integrate the WattUp technology, the module will significantly reduce the effort and time required to integrate it into end user devices, thereby accelerating our customers’ product cycles and reducing the time and cost to bring these devices to market.”

The EN7410M module combines the company’s fully integrated DA4100 WattUp power transmitter with its high-power, high-efficiency RF power amplifier, DA3210. The module footprint is 31 x 16mm with low-cost PCB technology and an on-board harmonic filter. The RF output is through a pin or on-board U.FL connector with 1W maximum power output, bootable UART Host interface for connectivity and I2C master for peripheral control.

“This new module includes our award-winning hardware technology, as well as the software needed to integrate into the device and communicate with wearables and other items being charged through our wireless receiver technology. By making it easier for developers to use our WattUp technology, this module will increase the number of potential applications that benefit from wireless charging 2.0,” said Cesar Johnston, COO and executive vice president of engineering at Energous.

The EN7410M module is available now.


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