Waved fin cooling for power systems

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By Nick Flaherty

Double-sided opposing thick aluminium base plates ensure a good heat spread and simultaneously serve as a mounting surface for the electronic components to be cooled. The overall concept consists of single cooling fins are pressed together to each fin end thanks to a special press-fit geometry. The inner fin tunnel features closely linked grooved cooling fins.

Compared to straight fins, the waved fin structure increases heat dissipation efficiency. This surface structure creates a more turbulent air flow for a better heat transfer from the fins to the air. Standard units measure 306x70mm for five axial fans, 330x90mm for four axial fans, 282×110 mm for three axial fans and 240x129mm for two axial fans. The cooler’s profile length can be customised according to specific requirements. All basic profiles are optionally orderable with or without airflow chamber for flow optimization. The underlying modular concept assures a mechanical and thermally perfect solution depending on the application.

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