We all know what a dB is,…. not?

We all know what a dB is,…. not?

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By Wisse Hettinga

We all know what a dB is,… not? And a dBm, and a dBu?

I must admit, I always need to think twice and take good care not to confuse myself with the numbers and expressions. This video helped me and might help you. It is one of the many, many videos on YouTube that can help people with their questions and where YouTube is great for. This one is from w2aew, the HAM call name of Allen and he take you trough all the dB questions you might have.

His clear examples and the use of measurement equipment can help you to understand dB, dBm, dBu and more – and at the end we can all say,.. ah, yes, a dB, let me explain!

Enjoy watching,


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