Wearable geofencing for social distancing

Wearable geofencing for social distancing

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By Julien Happich

Designed by Insight SiP, the Security Bubble Covid-19 is to be worn by people in their workplaces, in commercial spaces and other public spaces such as community centres, schools, universities and museums. The wearable device can take the form of an electronic tag but can also be embedded into bracelets, security equipment, clothing, or hard hats for construction. In a given space, each person equipped with a tag generates an individual invisible “Security Bubble” to help them keep their physical distancing. The device can be programmed to meet social distancing recommendations from 1m to 2m to avoid contagion. The device uses a low power level microwave radio pulse technology to recognize its position in relation to other “Security Bubbles” with an accuracy of a few centimetres. Each Security Bubble automatically interacts with its neighbouring Security Bubbles. When they are too close to each other, they collide and an alarm alerts the wearers of the devices. The Security Bubbles do not capture any personal data and conform to GDPR regulations.

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