Driving 100 km on 10 kWh? It’s All About Efficiency!

Driving 100 km on 10 kWh? It’s All About Efficiency!

By Infineon Technologies

The next five years will be dynamic for electrified vehicles as they evolve to meet a growing number of challenges including shorter charging times, long-distance travel, energy storage, reliability, volume manufacturing, and energy efficiency. Infineon´s dedicated e-mobility products, chipsets, and system competency allow developers to optimize high-volt (HV) power conversion applications like traction inverters to achieve best efficiency and performance.

Drive 100 km on 10 kWh?

Certainly sounds like an ambitious goal, especially when you bear in mind that the current average for passenger vehicles is about 16 kWh / 100 km. Silicon carbide (SiC) is the key to new, efficient power conversion designs in electric vehicles. With SiC expertise and over 25 years of experience in trench design, Infineon is your trusted partner for traction inverter, (on-board) charging, and DC-DC power conversion solutions offering the highest efficiencies.

The path to our 10 kWh / 100 km vision reaches beyond the obvious reduction of power conversion losses to also include a holistic approach at vehicle level – extending even to the vehicle´s environment. Using the vehicle as a “power bank”, vehicle-to-x marks another step toward a totally green energy infrastructure. Optimizing efficiency and reducing vehicle weight, also reduces PM2.5 emissions (brakes, tires) over the complete life cycle.
As a valued and dependable partner to the industry, we provide the confidence needed to develop and produce market-leading green e-mobility applications.

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