onsemi NCS32100 dual-inductive position sensor

onsemi NCS32100 dual-inductive position sensor

By onsemi

The NCS32100 dual-inductive position sensor is a contactless absolute encoder that can provide position data even when the rotor is not moving. It consists of two PCBs: a rotor with two printed inductors (no soldered components on rotor) and a stator with printed inductors as well as an encoder IC. The accuracy is better than +/-50 arcsec for a 38mm sensor. It has full accuracy up to 6,000 RPM, and can operate at speeds up to 45,000 RPM maximum with reduced accuracy above 6,000 RPM. It has 20-bit single-turn resolution output and 24-bit multi-turn resolution output. The NCS32100 enables a high accuracy, high speed, low-cost solution that is simple and easy to use. It has an integrated MCU with firmware, and outputs position and velocity instead of raw analog signals. It is not sensitive to vibration, temperature, or contaminants. NCS32100 can reduce the overall BOM because it requires far fewer additional components than other solutions.

Other solutions on the market today have significant tradeoffs in one or more of the following areas: accuracy, reliability, cost, maximum speed (RPM), or size. For example, higher accuracy encoders typically come at high cost.  High speed encoders typically sacrifice accuracy. The NCS32100 is a highly configurable product that can work with different sized PCB sensor designs. It has flexible mechanical specifications (+/- 0.25mm alignment) with integrated calibration that accounts for mechanical errors enabling +/-50 arcsec accuracy with up to 0.25mm misalignments (e.g. airgap, tilt). The NCS32100 stands apart from other solutions bringing the benefits of inductive encoding.

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