Welcome the era of AICRACY

Welcome the era of AICRACY

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By Wisse Hettinga

A new era has begun. Governments and justice courts finally have entirely been replaced with AI-based systems. We are governed by algorithms. Finally.

The Industrial Design department at the University of Wuppertal started a project and a serie of product designs to paint a picture of our AI ruled future. What if we had parliaments run by algorithms? What could be better than today, what could be worse?

‘Every citizen is, for their own safety and for everyone’s, eligible for algorithmic supervision during their time awake. The system is designed according to the human values of transparency, happiness, productivity, fairness, and individuality. Humans can be selfish. Our system can’t.’

The researchers came up with some new product concepts like ‘The transparency Bracelet’, ‘The Happines Patch’, ‘The productivity Chair’, The Fairness Basket’ and ‘The individual Voting Machine’.

It was the goal of this project to show a dystopian future, sensitizing people to undesirable futures while stimulating a discussion about what they wish the future to be like.

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or the University of Wuppertal, Industrial Design

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