White LEDs deliver 3.10 μmol/J for horticulture

White LEDs deliver 3.10 μmol/J for horticulture

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Samsung Electronics has announced what the company claims is an industry-leading enhancement to its mid-power LED package, the 3.0x3.0mm LM301H for horticulture applications, such as greenhouse and vertical farming.
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At 3.10 micromoles per joule (μmol/J), the newly introduced 5000K LM301H now features the highest photon efficacy among today’s mid-power white LED packages, claims the manufacturer. This means lighting manufacturers can use 30 percent fewer packages in each luminaire to achieve the same efficacy level as the previous version of the LM301H, allowing for smaller and lighter lamp designs as well as lowered manufacturing costs. In addition, by using the same number of packages, the light efficiency of a luminaire can be improved by at least four percent, enabling indoor farms to reduce their energy use. The chip’s light-emitting layer has been optimized to convert electrical energy into photons with greater efficiency, while an improvement in chip structure minimizes light loss, delivering more light to plants. The advanced flip-chip design means the LM301H requires no wire bonding, and titanium dioxide around the chip also ensures higher durability when exposed to agricultural chemicals.

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