Best practice for multicore, modularity, and connectivity

Best practice for multicore, modularity, and connectivity


The adoption of MultiCore Processors (MCPs) has been a contentious issue for
years. Their widespread use outside the world of aviation has led to a situation where single core alternatives are increasingly rare.

The reluctance to embrace the full functionality of these devices is well founded, but the fact remains that other sectors are seeing considerable benefits from the SwaP (Size, Weight and Power) advantages that would be equally beneficial in the aviation sector.

The adoption of a more modular approach is also finding favour. In civil aerospace, Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) is an option for manufacturers. Although not compulsory, IMA promises the long term benefit of achieving reusability. That advantage is also reflected in the US DoD’s FACE initiative, with its stated ambition to “avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’ for every new platform system”. That approach is mirrored across the world and through the defence industry – for example, with the UK MoD’s PYRAMID programme, and on land, with NATO’s Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA).

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