Challenges in Using Linux for CPU intensive real time networking products

By Freescale Semiconductor India Inc
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Nowadays a lot of networking products needs time-bound job completion in addition to high throughput-performance. E.g., an LTE Home eNode-B (HeNB) has to provide high LTE traffic handling capability and an upper bound on latency in processing of LTE sub-frame. It has always been a challenge for Linux kernel, to support these two requirements simultaneously; reduced latencies and high throughput. Read More

PREEMPT_RT is one of the most popular ways of converting the „server‟ mode Linux kernel into real-time systems; but it introduces new challenges for the latency requirements if the system has high CPU load due to high networking throughput. This paper presents those challenges that arise due to PREEMPT_RT patch in CPU intensive system and discusses how those challenges can be addressed. It also presents results of experiments done on Freescale commercial grade eNB hardware with LTE L2 test simulator.

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