Challenges, Opportunities, and Innovations in the Space Tech Industry

Challenges, Opportunities, and Innovations in the Space Tech Industry

By Keysight Technologies

All eyes are on the sky, it seems. The space tech industry is a collective effort to defy gravity both literally and figuratively—taming physics and driving innovation into soaring new realms.

Companies and governments around the globe are racing to make their mark in space. New technologies are emerging rapidly and new use cases are being discovered daily. Established players and start-ups alike are disrupting the space industry as never before.

To help you and others in—or contemplating joining—the industry, we commissioned Coleman-Parkes Research to conduct an in-depth survey of current and future trends in the industry. This report shares the results of that primary research study along with a broad overview of industry analysis that provides essential context to the survey findings.

The space and satellite industry is adopting increasingly advanced technologies and turning out new designs with vastly reduced cycle times. We intend to help you identify the drivers of this growth and acceleration, the enabling technology trends, and the pain points you will face along the way. Initial secondary research compiled a “survey of surveys” to form a consolidated picture of the industry. In addition, during 2022, we conducted original research covering companies in the ecosystem, satellite payloads, and the ground equipment used by the industry over the full life cycle, from development through operation.

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