Class D Audio: Multilevel amplification | Overcome design challenges of (ultra-) compact / portable / low-power applications

By Infineon Technologies AG
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When using traditional class D amplifiers engineers face significant design challenges in compact applications such as portable consumer sound systems and smart speakers. These challenges include relatively low efficiency, high heat generation even at low to medium listening levels, and a need for bulky and costly filters to reduce out-of-band noise. Infineon’s MERUS™ brand presents class D amplifiers addressing exactly these limitations via so-called multilevel amplification. This technology improves power consumption while inherently reducing interference and out-of-band noise. In addition, manufacturing costs are reduced by eliminating or minimizing the use of filters – also saving design space. Read this whitepaper to understand how Infineon’s MERUS™ multilevel class D audio amplifiers support you in designing competitive ultra-compact and low-power applications. Read More

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