Forward or Flyback? Which is Better? Both!

Forward or Flyback? Which is Better? Both!

By Coilcraft

Beatles or Stones? Michael or LeBron? Deep dish or thin crust? Forward or flyback?

These are just a few of the age-old questions that have been hotly debated over the years, people arguing their opinions with great vigor. But, the truth is, most of the time the answer is both, due to the merits of each.

In this white paper, we will focus on forward or flyback. We’ll discuss the characteristics of active clamp forward and continuous conduction flyback isolated power supply topologies and demonstrate the design and performance trade-offs of each using two telecom-oriented power supplies as examples. Specifically, we show 51 W Power over Ethernet (PoE) Powered Devices (PD) supplies that are appropriate for use in the IEEE 802.3bt standard.


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