FPGA verification tools need an upgrade

By Yugo Systems
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The complexity of modern electronic systems is exploding. More gates per square millimeter, more computing power, larger memories, faster I/Os and busses... Yet, engineers worldwide have managed to keep up with the pace of technology and have been able to produce state-of-the-art electronic systems. Read More

The secret? More spending on verification. More time, more resources and more money. As the systems have grown in size or in complexity, the work of verifying them has become the largest slice of the project time budget, accounting for over 40% the total design time and more. The efficiency of chasing bugs has become the determinant factor for reaching a product market window. Verification is a huge task. The complexity is not only to check each piece of IP separately. The challenge is verifying how these pieces collectively interact. There are a lot of interactions that cannot be defined really well from the functional behavior of the system’s individual pieces.

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