Keeping up with Industry Needs: Industrial Automation Devices Evolve to Meet IT, OT, and IoT Challenges

By Advantech

This WP focuses on ADAM products and outlines how Advantech keeps up with changing needs in remote I/O, I/O gateways, and controllers.

In the early days of automation, digital industrial automation systems existed solely in the operational technology (OT) realm. These systems utilized discrete and analog devices and I/O systems with local I/O installed in controller racks. These controllers were typically programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or remote terminal units (RTUs), but they could also be custom controllers of all types.

In this white paper, we trace the evolution of three of the main building blocks for industrial automation: remote I/O, I/O gateways, and controllers. We’ll outline how components and Advantech devices have evolved in each of these areas to meet user demands with respect to OT applications, OT-IT integration, and IoT implementations.

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