Meeting Challenging Efficiency Standards With Bridgeless Totem Pole Power Factor Correction

By onsemi

The input bridge rectifier found in almost all AC-DC power supplies contributes losses that present a challenge in achieving the highest possible efficiency figures. However, removing the traditional diode bridge, PFC FET and boost diode in favor of a totem pole PFC arrangement enhances efficiency through the use of active switches. The control of such circuits is complex, often necessitating a microcontroller and associated code which presents a barrier to adoption for design teams where time is limited. ON Semiconductor’s NCP1680 mixed signal PFC controller is discussed in the article as it provides a code-less solution for totem-pole PFC.

 This Whitepaper explains:

– Meeting the requirements of the ‘80+ Titanium standard’

– CrM – a balanced approach

– Addressing light load losses by restricting frequency range

– An integrated solution for totem-pole PFC

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