Novel solutions for the thermal management in electric vehicles (EV)

Novel solutions for the thermal management in electric vehicles (EV)

By TDK-Micronas

Driving range is the No.1 concern for electric vehicle (EV) customers. In order to maximize EV range, the vehicle manufacturers are focussing their creativity on optimizing energy efficiency and increasing battery capacity. This poses new challenges for the thermal management system of electric vehicles, which do not exist in vehicles driven by internal combustion engines. EV battery,
charge system, power inverter, motor and, last but not least, the occupants have individual and unique temperature requirements. The battery requires much lower temperatures than the power inverter does, while the magnets in the motor lose their strength when it is too hot. Many pumps, valves and vent controllers are necessary in the thermal system to keep all these components at their optimal temperature. These valves can be driven by an embedded motor controller from the Micronas HVC 4xyz family and the valve position can be sensed with a 3D HAL® position sensor from the Micronas HAL® 39xy direct-angle sensor family.

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