Recent advances in flow sensor technology help deliver more advanced HVAC test instruments

By Flusso Ltd

HVAC legislation is increasingly complex and ever changing but it’s focused primarily on developing tougher energy-efficiency requirements for new equipment and installations. 

Today’s HVAC systems are certainly more Eco-friendly and smarter than ever before.  But like any complex electromechanical system they need to be regularly checked to ensure they continue to operate at peak performance with minimum energy consumption. And what about existing installations that don’t necessarily comply with the latest energy-efficiency regulations for new systems?  Or that rely on older, less climate-friendly cooling technologies? 

This white paper talk about the challenges field service engineers face with existing test instruments used for fault diagnosis and to check every system is working as efficiently as possible. It discusses how recent advances in small, low cost and low power flow sensors could be used for a new generation of more accurate, robust and easier to use test equipment. 

These smarter and multi-functional instruments could deliver significant savings in HVAC operating costs and energy consumptions.  And at a time when we’re all wrestling with the challenges of climate change, Net Zero and rapidly rising energy costs.

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