Silicon Carbide (SiC) − From Challenging Material to Robust Reliability

By onsemi

Silicon Carbide (SiC) is one of the most promising semiconductor materials for manufacturing high−power electronic devices. Thanks to its excellent physical properties (high saturation electron drift velocity, high thermal conductivity, high breakdown electric field), SiC−based systems can achieve very low losses and faster−switching speed with smaller geometries than Silicon (Si) MOSFET transistors. While onsemi made great use of knowledge and methodologies acquired for many years on Si technologies, the specific challenges introduced by SiC materials have been and still are extensively assessed to tailor an appropriate qualification methodology to demonstrate robust reliability.

This white paper will introduce the reader to the onsemi Quality and Reliability methodology deployed from first design to mass production. This comprehensive approach is founded on the interaction between different fields, such as a rigorous design methodology, strict production monitoring, manufacturing control, adequate screening, and robust qualification plans.

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