Wibotic teams for wireless charging of smaller Autonomous Mobile Robots

Wibotic teams for wireless charging of smaller Autonomous Mobile Robots

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By Nick Flaherty

WiBotic has teamed up with ResGreen to provide wireless charging for the LilBuddy Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

The deal means the ResGreen AMRs can now be programmed to power up using a wireless charging station so that the robots to operate for extended periods without human intervention.

The LilBuddy AMR has a 431 x431mm (17 x 17in) base, making it one of the smallest AMRs in the industry, and the vehicle’s ability to rotate 360 degrees makes it suitable for congested environments with narrow aisles.

This allows new industries and organizations such as supermarkets, offices, restaurants with smaller footprints than traditional warehouses to integrate autonomous robots into operations, and wireless charging is key to making this an effective operation.

This allows the LilBuddy vehicles can charge efficiently and frequently without the worry of worn-out charging contacts or the need for precise navigation to charging stations. One wireless station can also charge a wide variety of vehicles with different battery types, sizes and configurations that require different voltages and charging rates.

ResGreen’s BotWay software system for real-time monitoring and control of the robots will soon include WiBotic Commander software functionality for better visibility into fleet-wide charging station use and energy consumption. 

“WiBotic’s technical support and dedication has helped us create the best option for our customers. Wireless charging is transforming the material handling industry by providing increased flexibility in mobile robot systems,” said Parsh Patel, CEO at ResGreen.

“LilBuddy AMRs are remarkable, streamlined robots. Despite their compact size, they’re capable of moving loads in excess of 220 pounds,” said Ben Waters, CEO, WiBotic. “They are perfect for navigating smaller spaces and – when integrated with our wireless charging capabilities – offer a compelling, low-maintenance solution for organizations looking to introduce autonomous mobile robots into their operations.”

ResGreen also plans to add WiBotic’s wireless charging capabilities to its larger PullBuddy Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in the near future.


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