WiFi 6E combo chip adds doppler radar sensing

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By Nick Flaherty

The CL6000 ‘Denali’ chip provides a connectivity and sensing solution for IoT end points, multimedia devices, and commercial applications. The doppler radar function integrated into the chip uses the WiFi signals for person location, people counting and distinguishing complex types of movement such as falls, gestures and postures. It can even monitor motions that are difficult to detect such as breathing.

This makes it suitable for applications in smart buildings for elderly care through to edge AI. The CL6000 supports a maximum data rate of 2.4Gbps and has an internal RF front end.

The chip includes the most recent features of the various standards including: 160MHz bandwidth channels, the use of 6 to 7GHz spectrum, MU-OFDMA, MU-MIMO, beamforming, 1024QAM encoding, WPA3 encryption and target wait time (TWT) for more efficient device power saving.

The Doppler Radar is a Wi-Fi based sensing technology, that employs the Doppler effect and standard Wi-Fi packets.

The technology can track an object’s location or sense its presence or motion characteristics by using a single Wi-Fi device, without requiring multiple devices or additional Wi-Fi clients. The solution leverages standard Wi-Fi and operates in the 5GHz and 6GHz bands, to “see” through walls without requiring line of sight and/or dependence on light conditions. In addition, the technology does not depend on any Wi-Fi clients, wearables of any kind and does not invade privacy.

Celeno provides a couple of options within Denali. The CL6025 can be selected to add sensing capabilities to multimedia devices, such as identifying human presence near the device or even for counting the number of TV viewers for driving various operational and monetization applications. The CL6025 supports additional useful applications in buildings and homes, including human monitoring, elderly care and fall detection.

The CL6020/10 enables connectivity of IoT functions in sensors and cameras, to drive cloud-based security, safety and pre-emptive maintenance applications in smart buildings and factories. The CL6000 is packaged in wafer-level chip scale package (WLCSP) and is due to begin sampling in 1Q22.

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