Will 200m Smart bulbs drive Smart Home explosion?

Will 200m Smart bulbs drive Smart Home explosion?

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The transition from incandescent to more energy efficient bulbs is an opening through which smart bulbs are beginning to flood a what is becoming a fragmented ‘Wild West’ market which is seeing a variety of technologies and control protocols being implemented is one of the conclusions of the Strategy Analytics’ new ‘Smart Home Strategies’ report entitled ‘Smart Light Bulbs: The Competitive Landscape’.

The market analysts say that while Philips kicked off the smart bulb market nearly three years ago with the company’s Hue bulb at this year’s CES event a horde of new entrants emerged.  The report points out that Belkin, GE and Philips have now been joined by Awox, Cree, LIFX, Sengled and a host of others.

The report predicts that multi-functions smart bulbs – those with Wi-Fi repeaters, speakers and cameras will change consumers’ perceptions of ‘light bulbs’.  Strategy Analytics forecast that interoperability is key – consumers do not want to have to worry if a bulb they purchase will work with other bulbs they have or will purchase. The industry must address this issue directly and immediately suggests the market analyst.  The report also says that lower prices ($15/bulb ) will help develop the mass market; nevertheless these bulbs are competing with incandescent bulbs priced less than $1.00. As bulb manufacturers compete for market share, it is important that they have the right technology partners in order to broaden their appeal – GE, LIFX and Philips are examples of vendors that are growing their ecosystems to increase their market clout.

 “Smart bulbs have the potential of becoming a ‘Trojan Horse’ for introducing smart devices into homes due to their ease of installation and networking capabilities; in addition, multi-function bulbs with cameras, speakers or Wi-Fi repeaters will alter the way consumers think about what can go into light sockets,” explained Bill Ablondi, Director, Smart Home Strategies.

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