Win 1 of 3 Vinco development/ tablet PC combos

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As Vinco fully supports the Android Open Accessories initiative, it enables portable products using the Android operating system to control external hardware. By using their Acer A500, the lucky winners will be able to experiment with imaginative new Vinco-based application concepts. To further assist them with their creative process, two application boards (known as ‘shields’) are also included: a touch key shield for developing advanced user interfaces, along with a multi-purpose MP3 audio codec, Ethernet-to-USB bridge and real-time clock shield. In addition, a Vinco Proto board brings the raw materials for users to build their own shields. This consists of a set of LEDs, connectors and other components together with a bare PCB ready to be populated. Each Vinco, tablet PC, shield and Proto board package is worth over Euro 550. Entrants who do not win will still be eligible for a 20% discount on their next purchase from the FTDI ChipSHOP.

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