Win a thin film memory toy development kit

Win a thin film memory toy development kit

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This month, Thin Film Electronics is giving away one toy development kit, worth 3,000 Euros, complete with the tools needed to efficiently design interactive toys and games. The Thinfilm Toy Development Kit contains a hand-held reader/writer for memory-labelled cards, eight samples of 17-20-bits Thinfilm Memory, laminated on card and 12 Thinfilm Memory labels.
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A Thinfilm console with colour LCD screen and USB connection makes it easy to update software for the game and the hardware control. Three samples of the Thinfilm Memory Controller, an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), are also provided, together with an embedded technology demonstration reference game. A manual completes the package with instructions on how to develop your own software and register with General Plus. Re-writability allows users to save game status, scores, and the game player’s avatar evolution. What’s more, printed electronics has an absolute cost advantage compared to conventional electronics, such as flash and EEPROM. The manufacturing process is substantially cheaper, and material costs are typically lower.

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