Wireless communication innovation to the fore at LuxLive

Wireless communication innovation to the fore at LuxLive

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Tuning into the wireless theme Philips Lighting featured the company’s MultiOne SimpleSet driver configuration technology at LuxLive.  The technology is capable of precisely setting the current output of a Philips Xitanium LED driver and uses wireless near-field communications (NFC) to communicate with the LED driver. SimpleSet can customize drivers for specific LED fixtures in a manufacturing environment.  The technology will also be able to set luminaire brightness or collect operational data using a mobile phone.

The MultiOne SimpleSet tool allows the configuration process to be automated. Lighting manufacturers can set the driver for a specific luminaire model at the end of the production line.

Philips says the company will begin shipping the SimpleSet technology tool in the UK at the beginning of 2015.

LuxLive also saw the launch of Luxonic’s first wireless adaptive control platform for lighting.   The LuxLink RC technology allows for commissioning and control of luminaires with a smartphone or tablet along with autonomous adaptive controls based on occupancy and ambient light sensors.

Luxonic also used LuxLive to spotlight a number of new LED-based luminaires including the Skylux pendant and the Hi-Max luminaire for industrial applications.

With the LuxLink technology, Luxonic is targeting a number of applications which use dimming and on/off controls to achieve energy savings.

The LuxLink RC systems use a proprietary wireless link in the 868-MHz band developed by LiteIP Ltd.

The benefit of a luminaire-to-luminaire communications system is that it allows luminaires to combined into groups. A tablet can be used to set the network to link all individual luminaires to neighboring luminaires in a matrix. As a result if a luminaire on the edge of a group detects occupancy, it can message other luminaires in the group to power on the lights with the adaptive controls. The virtual grouping capability enables the system to gauge the direction of travel.

The LuxLink technology can be used to commission fixtures that act autonomously based on internal sensors.

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