Wireless controlled power SSR for AC power

Wireless controlled power SSR for AC power

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Zilog, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation, has introduced its ZAURA™ Reference Design to expand its portfolio of digital wireless solutions that target the industry need for wireless connectivity in control, sensing, eliminate standby power consumption and for power metering applications.
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This reference design integrates Zilog’s ZAURA™ RF 868 MHz wireless module onto a current-sensing power SSR. The product is designed, to showcase wireless control of an AC power SSR. The IXYS ICD power SSR, with part number CPC1966, features AC zero-crossing detection to minimize surge currents and sine wave distortions. This reference design can be used as a basis for developing systems that can control different power products.

On its own, without the ZAURA RF wireless 868 MHz module attached, this design’s Base Power Board functions as a development board to provide current to power the Module and the switch. This Base Power Board, with the Module attached and controlled by a hand-held remote control device, enables RF communication to turn a load on and off. To demonstrate RF control, a hand-held ZAURA RF remote control device is also included with this reference design. Documentation supplied with this reference design provides specifications and schematics, describes its software commands, and also provides a procedure for quickly getting started with development.


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