Wireless Ethernet bridges for point to point 60GHz communications

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The company has made available three product variants offering speeds from 100Mbps to 320Mbps full fuplex at distances of between 600m and 1.6km. The SL60-401 Gigabit Ethernet bridge, for example, features a transmission capacity of 320Mbps full duplex and a range of up to 800m. It measures just 182x182x71mm, weighs 2500g and is very easy to install.

Because of the oxygen absorption level at 60GHz, the SL60’s immunity to interference allows many links to be deployed in the same area. Also, since they are virtually invisible, the bridges are ideal for use in town and city centres, conservation area or the proximity of listed buildings. Applications include LAN extensions, last mile connectivity, temporary applications such as those demanding the utility or emergency services, sporting or entertainment events.

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