Wireless in-ear listening system claims step toward wearable computing

Wireless in-ear listening system claims step toward wearable computing

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By Rich Pell

With two wireless smart buds and a connected app that acts as a remote control for the buds, Here One combines the functionality of conventional headphones – streamed music and wireless phone calls – with Here’s proprietary smart listening and noise filtering technologies. Whether it’s reducing noise, amplifying speech, accessing Siri or Google Now, streaming music, taking phone calls, or layering digital audio over real-world sound, Here One does it all.

Here One is the evolution of Here Active Listening, Doppler Lab’s “concept car.” Produced in a limited production run of 10,000 units, Here Active Listening focused on augmenting real-world sound, specifically for live music experiences. Since introducing Here Active Listening, demand has surged: nearly 100,000 people have joined the waitlist for a chance to purchase the product. With 10,000 early adopters (the “Here Pioneers”) using Here Active Listening in the wild, their invaluable feedback helped define the feature set for Here One.

Key Here One features include:

  • Truly wireless streaming: Stream music and audio content, wirelessly;
  • Take phone calls: Take phone calls and access voice commands right from your buds;
  • Smart noise filters: Remove unwanted noise — such as sirens, a crying baby, office chatter, and more — while still being able to have a conversation;
  • Speech amplification: Amplify human speech so you can tune into every word at a crowded restaurant or party;
  • Remix your world: Transform real-world sound using volume, EQ, and sound effects;
  • Layered listening: Control the volume of streamed audio and ambient sound simultaneously, mixed perfectly so you never miss a thing;
  • Personalized for you: Your personal listening profile is customized to your listening preferences.

“Here One is the first step towards the future of in-ear computing. If Microsoft ushered in the PC revolution and Apple the mobile revolution, we’re trying to introduce in-ear computing to the mass market,” said Fritz Lanman, Doppler Labs’ Executive Chairman and Co-Founder in a statement. “With Here One, we’re optimizing hearing while laying the foundation for future applications that can take full advantage of the unique combination of mics, speakers, and CPUs that Here One puts in each ear.”

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