Wireless power platform for Industry 4.0

Wireless power platform for Industry 4.0

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Powermat Technologies has announced its PMT350 600-W wireless power platform, the next generation in its family of platforms based on SmartInductive™ hybrid inductive/resonance technology. Building on the its innovation legacy and previous-generation 40-W, 200-W and 300-W platforms, Powermat’s powerful new 600-W platform is optimized for mid-power industrial, micro-mobility (e-bikes, e-scooters, golf carts), robotics, medical and telecom applications.

Removing charging cables and replacing them with wireless power technology creates autonomous, efficient systems free from exact alignment or docking restrictions and able to reduce the expensive downtime of both maintenance and wired charging, lowering total costs of ownership (TCO).

Powermat created its next-generation 600-W wireless power platform to make it more affordable for OEMs to develop these cable-free, wirelessly-powered systems for industrial and other mid-power applications. Two things lower the OEM’s system cost: Powermat’s unique licensing model and an optimized reference design that’s ready for production. The sub $100 reference design provided with the PMT350 license can reduce OEM capital expenditures by 10x, and includes full production files such as eBOM, schematics, integration support and system pre-certifications.

“Delivering the first affordable wireless power system designed for Industry 4.0 is a game changer for powerful systems that are notoriously expensive to implement,” said Powermat’s CEO Kfir Abuhatzira. “Industrial equipment often vibrates or moves, so replacing charging cables which can break or dislodge with wireless power technology eliminates the expensive downtime of both maintenance and wired charging to lower total cost of ownership.”

The new high-performance PMT350 platform delivers total power of 600-W with up to 58-V input and output and up to 12.5-A current. It works with lower-power applications as well, and can also be configured in multi-module mode for applications requiring more than 600-W.

SmartInductive wireless power technology by Powermat features embeddable software implemented on COTS hardware for maximum affordability. A transmitter (Tx) sends energy wirelessly to a receiver (Rx) that converts it to power to directly power a device or recharge its batteries. SmartInductive combines the best of short-range inductive and resonance wireless charging to eliminate exact placement restrictions and provide freedom of alignment between the Tx and Rx charging coils up to eight inches. SmartInductive can penetrate eight inches of wall and windows, and beyond power transmission, can also transmit data between the coils to control edge devices.


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