Wireless power transmitter/receiver coils for wearables

Wireless power transmitter/receiver coils for wearables

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The coils match standard chip sets for the WPC Qi standard, making it easy to use already available designs simply by exchanging the coils for wearables. WE-WPCC 760308102212 and WE-WPCC 760308102213 receiver coils feature extreme thinness of just 0.64 mm, suiting them for use in wearables with space for relatively large coil areas (29 x 29 mm), but with strong limitations regarding their height. The broad ferrite projection of the WE-WPCC 760308102212 unit offers excellent shielding properties – an important aspect in applications that are sensitive to electromagnetic interference.

The selection of the inductance value used in the WE-WPCC 760308102213 product makes it a dual-standard receiver. Fitted with the corresponding receiver chip, the coil is capable of responding to transmitters that are compatible with either the WPC Qi standard or the PMA standard.

The third receiver coil, the WE-WPCC 760308101214 product, is slightly thicker at 0.8 mm, a feature that is offset by having a diameter of just 19 mm.

Thanks to its compact design, this product is suited for wireless power transfer in devices with only limited space. Used in conjunction with the WE-WPCC 760308101104 and WE-WPCC 760308101105 transmitter coils, it is capable of achieving excellent power-transfer results.

Würth Elektronik eiSos also offers two new wireless power-charging transmitter coils, the WE-WPCC 760308101104 and WE-WPCC 760308101105 products. Both coils have an external diameter of 21 mm, and use high-quality ferrite for shielding and stranded wire to keep the RDC to a minimum. The two coils differ in their inductance values.

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