WLCSP integrates three metal layers

WLCSP integrates three metal layers

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The innovative package, designed and manufactured for products in the mobile market, is the outcome of a co-development partnership between Nanium and one of its customers.

The multi-layer RDL plus UBM metallization are based on Nanium’s Low Temperature Cure Polyimide dielectric material, which allows for higher reliability. It implied extensive development work in terms of design and materials. It took less than 12 months of development time for the company to have its product successfully pass all required JEDEC reliability tests and be qualified.

With a final package dimension of 4.9×4.6mm, the qualified product relies on a line/space width down to 10um/10um. The demanding lithographic process implied the application of 6 masks.

This multi-layer RDL development is expected to widen the spectrum for WLCSP applications to encompass also solutions requiring shielding, ground and power-planes.

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