World’s first dimmable bulb requires no dimmer

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In 2013 Nanoleaf introduced Kickstarter to what the company claimed was the world’s most energy efficient light bulb and attracted 5000+ Kickstarter backers.

Nanoleaf has used part of the seed funding received from the initial Kickstarter project "to create something that is even more energy efficient and more convenient to use".  The result is the Nanoleaf Bloom, which is a dimmable bulb that aims to encourage more people to adopt energy efficient lighting.

The Nanoleaf Bloom claims to be so energy efficient that the device is able to do away with the typical external heat-sink that adds bulk to the LED bulb, making it the most energy efficient LED bulb in the world. A

Being able to dim down an already energy efficient light bulb will save even more electricity. Nanoleaf says there is no need to purchase additional hardware or generate unnecessary waste.

At 100% brightness (10 W), the bulb consumes $1.53 of electricity per year. At 50% brightness (2.5 W), the device costs $0.38/year in electricity, uses only 25% of the full power. At 5% brightness or Night Mode (0.5 W), electricity costs $0.07/year.  

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