World’s first software defined 4G/5G small cell uses RISC-V

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By Nick Flaherty

IoT chip designer EdgeQ has teamed up with Mavenir to develop a software-defined, dual mode 4G and 5G solution for small cells based on the RISC-V instruction set, which it says will be a world first.

The design combines the Central Processing Unit (CPU), networking, and a common 4G and 5G Physical Layer in a single solution using power over ethernet and will be available in 2023. The company had previously developed a 5G ‘basestation on a chip’ using ARM’s Neoverse processor.

EdgeQ’s Physical Layer runs on a RISC-V processor with software from Mavenir to provide a range of 4G and 5G applications for private 5G networks for verticals such as manufacturing, construction, energy, automotive, warehousing, surveillance and campuses.

Combining 4G, 5G, and cloud functionalities into a single chip, EdgeQ provides an all-in-one platform for a diverse portfolio of small cell designs that can be modified purely through software.

“As partners, Mavenir and EdgeQ leverage best-in-class hardware and software solutions to create a highly flexible, software-defined 4G and 5G platform that is compact and low powered. Together with Mavenir, we are setting an industry precedent that embodies our vision to collapse the entry barriers of 5G in a meaningful manner that accelerates market embrace and deployment,” said Vinay Ravuri, CEO and Founder of EdgeQ.

“EdgeQ’s low power, converged 4G and 5G solution addresses an industry pain point. EdgeQ shrink-wraps 5G in a manner that allows Mavenir to expedite our time to market with targeted differentiation,” said Pardeep Kohli, Chief Executive Officer of Mavenir.

The solution is currently under development, with commercial availability planned for 2023.

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