World’s largest AI model supports 13 programming languages

World’s largest AI model supports 13 programming languages

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By Nick Flaherty

The world’s largest AI model is offering open access support for 13 programming languages ranging from C to PyTorch and Rust.

BLOOM is a Large Language Model (LLM) with over 176 billion parameters and 341 billion words, trained to continue text from a prompt on vast amounts of text data using industrial-scale computational resources. This is able to output coherent text in 59 languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic for the first time, that is hardly distinguishable from text written by humans, as well as 13 programming languages.

This has significant implications for automatic code generation tools.

The open access model has been developed by the BigScience group of more than 1,000 researchers from 60 countries and more than 250 institutions. The model runs on the 28 petaflops Jean Zay (IDRIS) supercomputer near Paris, France.

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The programming language models cover Rust, PyTorch, Tensorflow,  BLOOM can also be instructed to perform text tasks it hasn’t been explicitly trained for as well as image and audio processing tasks.

“Bloom is able to generate text in 46 natural languages and dialects and 13 programming languages,” said the researchers. “Although it was never trained on any of those specific tasks, Bloom can be asked to produce summaries or translations of text, output code from instructions, and follow prompts to perform original tasks such as writing recipes, extracting information from a news article, or composing sentences using a newly-defined invented word … Bloom’s performance will continue to improve as the workshop continues to experiment and advance on top of Bloom.”

The model is available with a license that limits it being abused, and there is transparency on the material used to train the model.

BLOOM is available through the Hugging Face website at

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