World’s most efficient OLED lighting panel delivers 131-lm/W

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The company says the development marks a major step forward for OLED lighting and claims that OLEDs are actually now more efficient than consumer LEDs.

Konica Minolta had previously produced a panel featuring 103 lm/W but since then the company has incorporated three new technologies in the new panel design that has enabled the record efficiency to be attained.

A new phosphorescent blue material has been used to improve the internal quantum efficiency. The company has also implemented a new light extraction technology and developed a new organic layer construction technique using optical simulation.

The previous record for OLED panel efficiency was held by Panasonic Corporation which claimed a white OLED lighting panel that featured 114 lm/W – for a light-emitting area of 1 cm2.

NEC Lighting holds the world’s most efficient OLED device with a efficiency of 156 lm/W for a 2×2 mm panel that was developed in collaboration with Yamagata University.

Konica Minolta has declared plans to unveil the world’s first color-tunable flexible OLED panels at the upcoming Light + Building 2014 trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. The company says it will exhibit demonstration models using flexible OLED lighting panel prototypes with two novel features: the world’s first color tunable function and the world’s thinnest form factor.

The company describes that its Irodori demonstration model will demonstrate  the world’s first flexible-type OLED lighting panels with color tunable function that are designed in layers like peacock feathers.  The demonstration model will rotate slowly to show its expressive nuance through the changing colors. As the panels adopt different layer construction from that of displays, the color-tunable panels emit light evenly over the complete surface.

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